Dinner Lady wins BEST LIQUID @ Hall of Vape, Stuttagart


Dinner Lady dazzle in Deutschland!

Dinner Lady said Danke schön very much after winning an award at the prestigious Hall of Vape event in Stuttgart, Germany at the weekend.

The event, which was the biggest Vape event in Europe to date, was held over the 6th and 7th of May and attracted Vape vendors and enthusiasts alike in their thousands. There were at least 100 national and international exhibitors and experts in attendance who all hoped to show how the e-cigarette phenomenon has developed in to the current innovations that are available on the market today, and with in excess of 7000 visitors, this is certainly a sensation that’s here to stay.

The Dinner Lady team were proud to be part of the event and were delighted to collect the award for ‘best juice’ for their luscious Lemon Tart. A spokesperson from Dinner Lady said ‘We have every confidence in the quality and high standards of all of our juices but to be recognised at such an amazing and renowned event is a true honour and a celebration of how hard we work.’

This is the 8th award that Dinner Lady have won in 11 months and with those results we can expect even more great things from this new kid on the block. Vapers……it’s time for dessert.


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