Dinner Lady scores a hat-trick at Online Awards!

UK Vape company score a hat-trick at online awards.
Dinner Lady were delighted to have not only been nominated by online Vapers but voted the best in 3 prestigious categories in the E-cigclick awards 2016.  The team picked up best dessert flavour for Lemon Tart, best Cereal flavour for Cornflake Tart and Best UK brand. Winning by an overwhelming margin thanks to their loyal customers.
The awards that have been held for the last few years show a ‘snapshot into the world of vaping’ and are considered to be all the more significant because it is the Vapers that are voting. A spokesperson from the Dinner Lady team told us ‘We are so happy and humbled to have been voted the ‘best’ by reviewers and customers. We had some tough competition but in the end, we came out on top of the 3 categories we were entered in.  The dinner ladies haven’t been able to stop smiling.’
E-cigclick was founded by Jonny Williams and launched in 2010 and prides itself on keeping vapers up to date with the latest product reviews and news, so winning best in category is a pretty big deal to the Dinner Lady team.  ‘We certainly will continue to try to outdo ourselves and work on recipes that will keep our customers coming back for second, third and fourth helpings.’ Said a spokesperson from the Dinner Lady team.