The Story So Far

At school, watching the clock. Your tummy rumbles and you cough to try and cover the sound, finally, the bell rings. It’s dinner time! Bursting through the doors of the dining-hall, you see her. The Dinner Lady. Her warm smile tells you that she has been cooking something special, an aroma of sweet puddings fills the air.


Dinner Lady E-liquids aim to recreate those glorious feelings of nostalgia with their quintessential British dessert range. and it seems that Vapers worldwide are more than happy about it.  With flavours such as Lemon Tart, Cornflake Tart, Strawberry custard and Rice Pudding with Jam, the nation’s senses are in dessert heaven and there is certainly no sign of this company disappearing into a sweet-smelling haze anytime soon.


Established in the UK only in May 2016, Dinner lady has gone from strength to strength.  Attending their first Expo in Birmingham and winning best stand was just the start for this emerging power on the Vape scene.  Since then they are fast becoming the name to look out for.  Their dessert range is hugely popular and bloggers can’t say enough good things about them.  The vape scene is an exciting but challenging market in which to get noticed but Dinner Lady loves a mission and after the success at Birmingham they continued to set new goals.


Dinner Lady has set their sights on world domination and has already established a strong customer base in Europe, Australia and America, winning the coveted ‘best-baked goods’ and ‘best juice in show’ awards at the National Vape expo at Foxwoods, Connecticut.  Dinner Lady knows that it’s no accident that such a new company is winning such prestigious awards.  It has always been their mission statement to ensure that their e-liquids are made for the customers, with these customers at the forefront of everything that they do.  It’s true that other vape companies have a tendency to create their liquids using cheaper ingredients but Dinner Lady feels that this has a detrimental effect on the quality of the vaping experience.  For Dinner Lady, it is all about quality and their customer’s response reflects this.


You can find legions of fans of Dinner Lady all over the internet, from far and wide.  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all brimming with excited Vapers who are desperate to receive their sought-after liquids in the mail.  Those who have tried it can’t give enough praise with customers offering such reviews as ‘the finest I’ve ever tasted’ and ‘5 stars, I would give more if I could’.  In fact, worldwide customers are clamouring to be able to buy these tasty treats and the reputation of Dinner Lady Vape is fast becoming the stuff of legend.


Luckily for the fans and other Vapers who may not have had the pleasure of trying the delicious wares of the Dinner Lady, the team have been working extra hard at developing a new exciting flavour which is sure to send your senses into overdrive.  Dinner Lady has listened to what their customers want and can’t wait to unveil new flavours in the near future, to keep your taste-buds tingling. Continuing their British invasion with all the force of an army adorned in aprons and armed with rolling pins and mixing bowls.


Find them at the Vaper Expo, where their new flavour will be available over the weekend of the 14-16th of October.