The warm amber glow of the open fire bounces around the dark wooden panels of the study as you sink into the inviting leather of your Lincoln green, wing backed chair. You lean over to decant the rich cognac and swill it around the fine crystal glass as you take in the rich aroma.

The slow tick of the Grandfather clock remains steady as you take in the time. 11:11. You ring the small bell on the table beside you and a moment later your butler arrives carrying a silver tray. On it, an array of decadence for you to finish your day with. But which to choose?

The After 11 E-Liquid? a cool, minty, eucalyptus icy blast that will take your breath away. The menthol lovers fantasy. The Felon 11? A delight for the more traditional vaper. A smooth tobacco blend that is sure to delight. Flu cured Kentucky leaves are married with burley and Virginia for an almost sweet, slightly bitter and naturally rounded taste. Or Heaven 11? With it’s hit of rich vanilla creme, dark caramel and sweet honey notes, finished with a subtle hint of Cavendish tobacco just at the end of the exhale. A remarkably good vape that will send you into a heavenly bliss.

Ah, but tonight’s choice is the Sweet 11. The rich, satisfying taste of cherry tobacco that pipe smokers adore. Even non-tobacco smokers would love this flavour.

‘Thank goodness there are enough days in the week to experience them all Banks’ you chuckle.

‘Quite sir’ Your butler smiles in return, ‘Quite’.